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Ribcap is the world's first fashionable medical protective (head)gear uniquely designed to protect you and your loved ones
Age related balance issues

Choose yourfashionable helmet

We’re on a mission to change the lives of those in the gait and balance risk community. We empower people to be themselves, break down stigmas by allowing them to be active without the fear of a (head) injury!
Why wear

Freedom of movement

Because you're protected

And you will feel good and look good


3D Design: The liquid foam takes the shape of the mold and solidifies, offering a more organic fit that adheres to the body’s natural curvature.


Microperforated foam

Facilitates breathability and convenience

Extra ventilation in between the padding

A soft and comfortable base layer


The specially formulated and patented impact foam technology helps withstand significant and repeated impact.

Provides vigorous protection through a state of the art technologies.

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360° Protection

Chin Straps included

Premium quality materials

Tested by BSI

Ribcap ❤️ by users

Perry Mathison

My son Adam suffers from fall down seizures. His need for constant protection meant a need for a product that is comfortable to wear and offers protection. Ribcap does both. The best part, of course, is the elimination of the “stigma” involved with the wearing of an actual hard helmet.

Janell pitcher

We are impressed with the quality and over all look of the two hats we purchased. We live in the USA and ours delivered VERY fast!

Cheryl M.

I feel so much more safe! I use it every time I get up and walk around to protect me from possible concussions. I have Ehlers-Danilo’s Syndrome and I never know when I’m going to fall and this my Lenny ribcap makes me feel so much more secure!

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