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17 | Jun | 2020

Why Vandewalle Pharmacy Chose Ribcap Two Layer Face Masks

Isabelle Vandewalle, the owner of Vandewalle Pharmacy in Belgium (, explains why she has chosen Ribcap Two Layer Face Masks as the choice of face masks for her pharmacy.

"There's a wide variety of reusable masks on the market, but as a pharmacy and healthcare professional, we must prioritise to work with high-quality products for the safety of our customers. After examining many different products, we have chosen Ribcap as we believe their face masks to be of a higher level of quality and comfort along with a higher filtration rate than required."

Why we chose Ribcap Face Mask for Vandewalle Pharmacy?

  • Bacterial filtration of 99% better than other masks (around 70%)
  • Breathability quality of 16PA/ cm2
  • Micro Polyester outer liner offering protection from airborne particles.
  • High GSM materials for better filtration density.
  • Sizes for both adults and children.
  • Easy to sanitise for continuous use.
  • 100% woven cotton inner liner for comfort & long wear
  • Elegant design using high-quality materials.
Written by Leanne Coop

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