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03 | Nov | 2020


It all began 10 years ago when Ribcap embarked on designing protective helmets to protect those who had been diagnosed with a neurological condition - without compromising on style.

Conditions such as epilepsy, autism, cerebral palsy, or Parkinson’s disease could lead to an injurious fall at any given moment, and so head protection would be required on a daily basis. The use of head protection is not a new concept. However, the idea that a helmet should only serve one purpose (as head protection) gave the realisation that Ribcap could offer so much more. Without reinventing the wheel, their new fashionable, non-stigmatising helmets were born. Ribcap protective helmets look good, feel good and enhance the quality of a person's life by providing protection and style.

"Our passion comes from a need to create non-stigmatizing

medical helmets that protect an individual from a harmful fall while looking and feeling like regular hats. Ribcap was designed for everyone - including active children, young adults, and seniors facing all sorts of life challenges"


Meaning: Clothing that has been adapted to enhance the life of a person with a disability. Example: Removal of buttons and zippers from clothing for people who have difficulty dressing due to poor mobility.

Only a decade ago, adaptive clothing was designed with the result of making the person safe or comfortable with very little thought gone into the fashion side of clothing. An increase began over the years as fashion designers started the #inclusive movement to share designs that were disability friendly and convenient for the person to wear. 

As with other adaptive fashion categories, medical helmets like Ribcap’s were created from a need to tackle the stigma around protective helmets.

When you think back to the first designs of a medical helmet, your mind may picture an oversized, wrestling style helmet that is big and bulky. Your next thought may be "surely that can't be comfortable?" especially for a rightfully overactive child who wants to play with their friends.


A medical helmet can be prescribed when a person falls suddenly on a regular basis without warning. Seizures can lead to unexpected falls daily/weekly, and headbanging in children with autism can be very concerning for parents. Fall prevention strategies can be applied within the home and the use of a medical helmet may be required both indoors and outdoors.


Medical helmets are specially designed with strong and durable materials to withstand several falls. They are generally lightweight with some offering face and neck protection for those who fall regularly. These days they are less scary looking as science developed materials that are strong yet flexible reducing the need for numerous layers of different materials that make a helmet appear bulky.


Ribcap helmets are a registered medical device trusted by many neuro associations and tested by BSI notified body. They are air-light while being highly protective and did we mention their highly fashionable, non-stigmatizing style?

  • Practicality: They are safe, comfortable and fashionable allowing for a person with a disability to live their life independently when wearing a medical helmet.
  • Freedom of Choice: Because fashion should be inclusive of everyone as we all have the right to choose our individual style.
  • Quality - Made using only premium quality materials
  • Non-Stigmatizing: Medical products and clothing no longer need to be visually big, bulky and ugly.
  • Safety - Our unique soft foam is high shock-absorbing while feeling light and airy.
  • Inclusivity: To highlight and build awareness that a disability isn’t who a person is.
  • Complete Protection - Provide 360 protection without being bulky or stigmatizing
  • Comfort - They are lightweight, breathable, flexible and discrete for all-day comfort.
  • Hygienic - It’s 100% washable, foldable and storable.

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Written by Leanne Coop

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