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25 | Nov | 2022

Visual Impairment May Increase Risk of Falls

Protecting Those Who Are Susceptible To Falling

Generally, eye disease is overlooked as a condition that increases a person's chance of falling. We're all aware of the precious gift of sight and when it becomes blurred or impaired, we should consider the results of a reduced vision and what it could do to our balance.

Eye Disease Which Causes Damage to Vision




-Retinitis Pigmentosa

-Diabetic Retinopathy

Each of the conditions above will have a significant impact on visual accuracy including depth perception which in return could cause a person to stumble and fall. General movements such as navigating around a home could have them bumping into things they never used to.

Have You Considered Head Protection?

Head protection saves lives, both young and old. Whatever the condition, all falls can lead to an injurious fall. Should you or your family live alone, it is vital to protect your brain from the risk of injury which is why we recommend wearing a protective helmet, but not just any protective helmet.....

soft protective helmet

This is a protective helmet, this cute warm cushy beanie hat! Yes, that's right, you can keep yourself protected without wearing a big and bulky helmet!

If you want to learn more about protective helmets, check out our extensive guide here.

Written by Leanne Coop

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