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07 | Mar | 2023

The Big Boom in Adaptive Fashion 2020

The World Takes Adaptive Fashion by Storm

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For some time ‘Adaptive fashion’ has existed as a short term solution by modifying clothing to cater to those with disabilities or chronic conditions. At this point, fashionable clothing for consumers with disabilities had been severely overlooked with most items being designed for functionality rather than general style.

The Launch of Fashionable Adaptive Fashion

The first mainstream brands launched their new, ultra-stylish, adaptive fashion lines with the new inclusive message ‘fashion is for everyone’. Some of the headliners were Tommy Hilfiger and X Zendayah who launched 10 adaptive styles at New York Fashion Week back in September 2019 creating a historical moment in the fashion industry that ripped a gaping hole that was ready to be filled with many more brands wishing to create an adaptive line.

Why Now? The Psychology of Fashion

It seems like this message has only just begun, per contra, Mindy Scheier, the founder of Runway of Dreams, was at the forefront of the revolution, revealing in gear speech during her Tedtalk in 2018 the meaning of Enclothes Cognition.

She explains that clothing can affect a person's mood, health, and self-esteem, and is now a scientifically recognized term ‘Enclothes Cognition’. This is when the co-occurrence of two factors, the symbolic meaning of clothing and the physical experience of wearing the clothing correlate to how a person feels about themselves.

Runway of Dreams mission is to educate the fashion industry that modifications can be made to a community that has never been served.

Continuing The Growth of Adaptive Fashion

After the tremendous launch of adaptive fashion, the global fashion search platform Lyst noted searches for adaptive fashion increased by 80% showing that the market has always been there and is most welcome, and as we move into 2020, we are seeing more and more adaptive fashion brands in the spotlight such as Kintsugi Clothing, Zappo Adaptive, Bra Easy, Rollitex, Iz Adaptive by Izzy Camiller, and CUR8ABLE, including ourselves here at Ribcap.

Together, we promote non-stigmatizing fashionable clothing that is inclusive and adaptive to fulfill the needs of those with disabilities.

What’s Next for Adaptive Fashion?

As we storm into 2020, adaptive fashion will most certainly grow by bringing stylish and functional wear to the masses. Us included, here at Ribcap, we share the same core vision to provide equality to all and to continue the growth of the adaptive fashion market, and one that's inclusive of everyone.

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Written by Leanne Coop

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