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06 | Jan | 2020

Safety Guide For Special Needs Adults Living Independently in 2020

Quick Guide To Safety Around The Home.

A special needs helmet for adults may be needed when a young adult is preparing to live independently either partially or fully. It's a big step to take for both parent and young adult which is why the internet is your oyster when it comes to getting yourselves ready.

There are plenty of emotional support groups, developmental plans and even training lessons to help you both to prepare for the independent transition.

More info on preparing to live independently, click here.

Seek Safety Within the Home

Once a home has been chosen, there are some things that are often overlooked such as unseen dangers like poor lighting, placing cupboards too high or not having support frames in a bathroom. Removing these minor hazards can eliminate the chances of an injury when alone.

Additional suggestions are to tape rugs down, tie electrical wires together or pin them to walls to avoid tripping over them, remove unnecessary coffee tables and chairs from homes to create clear walkways and ensure they have a good pair of supportive shoes to wear in the home that are comfortable as slippers don't provide a lot of support.

In the event of a fall, it is vital that you plan to reduce injuries such as head trauma by wearing protective headgear, and one that can be worn all day everyday both indoors and outside.

The majority of special needs equipment is predominantly targeted at children and toddlers leading to complications when searching for protective headgear for adults.

Head Protection For Adults

To understand protective headgear for all ages and why it is important to plan protection against injuries, click here. To learn how to choose the right protective helmet for you, below is a list of information that you should consider before purchasing yours.

Sizing & How to Measure Yourself

For the best fit, it is best to follow our super easy sizing guide. You just need to measure the circumference of your head. By using a piece of cloth or fabric, you can wrap the material around the top of your head above your eyebrows and ears. Pull the material so that it is snug but not tight. You can also tie the material around your head to leave it for one hour to see if it feels too tight or loose. Next, take your material and measure against a measuring tape to get your result.

You can check out our sizing page here

How to measure your head

Ultimate Protection

As an adult is taller and generally heavier than a child so it is important to read up on the amount of protection your headgear will provide for you. For example, check out Ribcap's impact test by clicking here.

Material - Breathability and Comfort

A helmet needs to protect but must also be comfortable for the user which is why the material of the helmet is very important. It is best to look for material that is breathable and soft for all-day wear. Another tip is to look for washable material for ease when cleaning.

Style - Fashion For Everyday Life

Everyone is entitled to fashion, therefore a protective helmet doesn't have to be stigmatizing and bulky. Choosing a helmet that is fashion conscious can add to the user's personality. Whether it is their favorite color or a particular style, the helmet you seek should make you feel not only protected but also comfortable in everyday life.

Introducing Ribcap

An all in one medical device trusted by several neuro associations. Ribcap's premium quality helmets are highly fashionable to match everyone's style and provide pure comfort for all-day wear. Each Ribcap contains a uniquely developed foam padding that is light and breathable while providing 360 protection for complete safety. Speaking of safety, check out the link to view our impact test!

Impact Safety Testing

To see which one is right for you, check out our fashionable designs here.

Written by Leanne Coop

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