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11 | May | 2022
Ribcap Medical Grade Helmet, a Lifesaver for Seniors

Ribcap Medical Grade Helmet, a Lifesaver for Seniors

What is a Ribcap Medical Grade Helmet?

Falls and concussions are a major health and safety issue. One in five seniors will suffer a fall this year, and every year more than 1 million of them will visit the emergency room for treatment. And while we cannot prevent falls, we can protect your skull. A Ribcap Medical Grade Helmet is made to absorb the impact of a fall or collision to your head or take the brunt of the force when you collide with objects in your environment. This protection has been designed with comfort in mind. It's important to take care of your health, that's why Ribcap Medical Grade Helmets are designed to provide excellent coverage for any occasion.

What Problems Does a Ribcap Medical Grade Helmet Fix?

Sean Elmslie-Britt from Casa Colina Rancho Pino Verde shared how Ribcap made an impact for one of his residents: "Bicycle helmets are not comfortable for our residents with higher fall risk (those at high risk for falls due to balance, coordination, or dementia problems). Up till now this was the only solution we had. We want to make sure our residents are safe in the event of a fall. The Ribcap helmet is the perfect, stylish alternative for fall risk seniors in need of head protection. It's comfortable; it's adjustable; it protects the head; and it looks good too! " 

How Do You Find the Right Size?

What to Expect When Using a Ribcap Protective Helmet?

Sean Elmslie-Britt: We hate to see people getting injured. It's really tough to see someone who is at risk for falls because it could be prevented with the proper care. Maybe it's their hip, an injury from another time, or just a change in the amount of activity they're able to do due to age or other factors, but we all know that seniors and fall risk patients need extra attention and care. Ribcap is a great way to help prevent injuries from falls and give comfort and relief for patients who need it the most. They're perfect for people with arthritis, back pain, joint issues, injuries, or more! Keep your loved ones safe this season. 

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Written by Nico De Wilde

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