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25 | Nov | 2022
Ribcap as a drop seizure helmet

Ribcap as a drop seizure helmet

Res-Care is the leading provider of complementary home- and community-based health services for complex populations in need of specialized and/or chronic care in the US.

Annette Jenkins from Res-Care worked with a patient that had drop seizures and shared her experiences with the Ribcap protective helmets: "This man would not wear any other type of helmet than the Ribcap. In that past, he had many head injuries because he wouldn't wear other helmets. But with Ribcap, things are different: he would keep his Ribcap protective helmet on summer and winter. It kept him from hitting his head and having to have sutures/staples over and over. It also has a good impact on the risk for brain damage."

"The Ribcap gives a comfort that patients are willing to wear the helmet and safety is maintained." 

"We are going to try the Ribcap on a client where I currently work that is in the CRMNF facility where they are highly behavioral. He headbangs and puts his head through walls. We are hoping the Ribcap might be the most comfortable option to put on him when he is having behaviors."

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Written by Jurgen Holvoet

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