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25 | Nov | 2022
Ribcap and Me - The story of Brooke Strahan

Ribcap and Me - The story of Brooke Strahan

"I started wearing Ribcap protective headwear after a traumatic fall down a full flight of stairs inside my former home. Though I fell down thirteen steps in total, I only fractured my lower spine. I knew I was very lucky indeed to have not sustained worse injuries and the fall made me reassess my condition (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Joint Hypermobilty hEDS), where I lived and also what risk mitigation I could put in place in my life that still fitted into my lifestyle."

"I began to wear my body bracing more regularly, I moved to a new farm with a one level, accessible house and I proudly starting wearing my Ribcap protective headwear."

"When wearing my Ribcap helmet, not one person has ever asked me if I’m wearing protective headwear, even when I have the straps done up! I’m a real lover of hats and millinery and everyone just thinks it’s just another one of my hats."

"I have three styles of Ribcap protective helmets: I have a protective cap, a protective beanie and the latest addition is the cute bucket style hat named ‘Billie’. I know I shouldn’t have favourites, but Billie is my favourite. It’s just so cute and goes with so many different styles of outfit."

Want to know more about Ehler Danlos? Head over to and inform yourself. Meet Brooke Strahan on her Instagram-account @hitherebrooke

Written by Jurgen Holvoet

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