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25 | Nov | 2022

Protective Headgear for Atonic Seizures in 2020

How Ribcap’s Helps to Prevents Head Trauma During Drop Attacks

Atonic Seizures are considered to be one the most dangerous types of epileptic seizures for the reason that a person is at high risk of head trauma. This is due to a sudden loss of muscle strength as a result of the seizure activity, making the person limp leading them to collapse suddenly. Other names for this type of seizure are drop attacks, akinetic seizures or drop seizures.

The worrying complication is that atonic seizures have very few warning signs with the person dropping to the floor within seconds. During a seizure, drooping eyelids, jerking and head nods are all very common activity as well as a brief loss of consciousness.

Causes & Risk Factors

It is rarely known why a person encounters atonic seizures. In some situations, it has been known to be connected to a change in a person’s genes. They can appear at any age, however, it most commonly affects children and known triggers are flickering lights and hyperventilation.

Due to the sudden loss of muscle tone, a fall in both the home and outside could be fatal causing head trauma. To reduce the risk, your doctor may suggest that a protective helmet should be worn at all times. But if you’re worried that head protection is going to be big and bulky, then you haven’t heard about Ribcap and our non-stigmatizing protective helmets.

Meet Ribcap

The first non-stigmatizing soft helmet that looks and feels like a regular hat. You can choose from a stunning range of designs that are lightweight and breathable for all day comfort, all thanks to our unique high-impact soft foam that has been vigorously tested according to International Rugby Impact Standards and is endorsed by several neuro associations.

Ribcap soft helmet

Want to know more about us? Check out our impact testing here.

Written by Bart De Latte

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