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10 | Mar | 2022
Meyra and Ribcap partner up in Czech Republic

Meyra and Ribcap partner up in Czech Republic

Meyra Czech and Ribcap, two leading manufacturers of high-performance mobility gear, have announced the launch of a new partnership. Due to the innovative design philosophy of both companies, Meyra Czech and Ribcap have joined forces in the Czech Republic to offer a wide array of products that will improve the mobility of people with special needs and/or disabilities. The partnership is a big step for both companies, as it will enable Meyra to offer fashionable helmets in the Czech Market.

Ribcap is the world's first fashionable soft shell medical grade skull (and body) protection, uniquely designed to protect your loved ones from head injuries that can occur as a result of age-related balance issues, falls, seizure activity, headbanging, sensory sensitivity,...

Ribcap is on a mission to change the lives of those in the gait and balance risk community. It empowers people to be themselves, break down stigmas by allowing them to be active without the fear of a head injury or people staring because they’re wearing a helmet! Trusted by experts and loved by users!

As part of the global MEYRA GROUP, MEYRA Czech is one of the world’s best-known and most successful manufacturers of wheelchairs and suppliers of rehabilitation aids. The companies MDH, REHAB, and LIFE also belong to the portfolio of the MEYRA GROUP corporate structure. These companies enjoy international success in the fields of rehabilitation and orthopedics. For MEYRA, the phrase “We move people” is more than just a claim, it determines how we do business. W e support and motivate disabled people and allow them to be mobile and independent. Meyra and Ribcap share the vision of allowing people to move around safely and in style Both product ranges are essential companions for people with disabilities or people with impaired mobility and they help with the many small and large challenges faced in daily life.

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Written by Nico De Wilde

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