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15 | Sep | 2021
"Love it when a protective helmet is made for inclusion..."

"Love it when a protective helmet is made for inclusion..."

"We discovered Ribcap a year ago when looking for helmets for our 3yr old who is epileptic and has dystonia and hemiparesis on the left side so her balance is horrible and falls multiple times on a daily basis. She was getting concussions and lots of bruises on her head from falls. We had tried other helmets but due to her large head most kids ones didn't fit and all the adult ones were not very discreet or kid-friendly."

"Lulu was also happy to wear these helmets, unlike others we had tried in the past. Now we have also purchased a bucket hat version so she can stay safe over summer and it just looks like a regular hat. It's so much easier having disability equipment that looks like regular items of clothes and is super comfortable for her to wear!"


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Written by Nico De Wilde

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