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25 | Nov | 2022
Introducing Ribcap's 2 Layer Reusable Face Masks

Introducing Ribcap's 2 Layer Reusable Face Masks

Our Story

For over 5 of years, we have been creating medical helmets for those who are susceptible to injurious falls. As we are closely connected to our community, we could feel the animosity towards the virus, Covid-19 , and as the virus cases escalated, we wanted to put our knowledge and experience to good use, and so we created Ribcap 2 Layer Reusable Face Masks.

Our journey began when the Center For Disease Control and Prevention recommended using multiple layer fabric masks for protection in public settings. We have the facilities and the experience working with safety equipment, and so our research began.

Learning from countries who use facemasks on a regular basis, we discovered that multiple layers increase filtration and the choice of material will differentiate between a good mask and a bad mask.

More and more information came in and our dedicated team began working on the perfect design, perfect fitting, protecting mask. leading to the birth of Ribcap 2 Layer Face Masks.

Features Ribcap 2 Layer Face Masks

  • Full-width facemask for protection and comfort.

  • Snug fit around mouth and nose.

  • Micro Polyester outer liner to protect your mouth and face from airborne particles including dust, cold, pollen, fog, and more.

  • 100% woven cotton inner liner, a high GSM material that is tightly constructed to provide better filtration.

  • Easy to sanitise for continuous use

  • Easy to put on and take off for user safety

  • Easily washable for reuse.

To pre-order yours to receive your Ribcap Mask between May 15th to 31st, click here

Written by Leanne Coop

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