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25 | Nov | 2022

International Epilepsy Day: Help to Spread Awareness For Those Facing Epilepsy

How Can You Support the 65 Million Who Are Dealing With Epilepsy?

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Did you know...

Epilepsy is a seizure condition that results in the person falling to the floor, becoming suddenly stiff, shaking or jolting until the seizure is over.

The seizure is a result of electrical activity within the brain which disrupts how the brain would normally work creating unwanted movements.

Dependent on where the seizure activity is taking place and how far it spreads, the severity of the seizure will be different for everyone which is why there are copious symptoms that are linked to epilepsy.

Anyone, any age can be diagnosed with epilepsy with some types lasting a short time whereas others can last a life time.

In around six out of ten people, a medical professional cannot explain how epilepsy developed. For the cases that can be explained, they are usually due to brain damage during birth, a severe blow to the head, a stroke or a serious infection such as meningitis.

There are different types of seizures that range from mild to severe forms of seizures. For example, Absence seizures are short moments where a person loses consciousness then suddenly 'wakes up' as if nothing happened. Compare this to Atonic seizures that are also known as 'drop attacks' is a seizure that reduces the use of the person's muscles resulting in them falling to fall suddenly.

How Can You Support Those Facing Epilepsy?

Today is a day to spread awareness by either donating to the cause, attending a local activity in your area and to generally support those who are suffering with epilepsy.

It's really easy to get involved and to find out where you can donate or where to find more information about raising awareness today, click the link below to go directly to International Epilepsy Day page.

For information about epilepsy and fall prevention, we have a dedicated post to guide through the causes and concerns of epilepsy here.

Written by Bart De Latte

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