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25 | Jun | 2019
How to Choose Your Protective Helmet in 2020

How to Choose Your Protective Helmet in 2020

Choosing The Right Ribcap For You

A doctor or another health care professional may have advised you to buy a protective helmet due to you or your child's seizures. A sudden drop or fall could cause a head injury which is why it is important to seek a protective helmet to prevent a serious injury.

To help you, our extensive guide gives you everything you need to know about protective helmets so that you can decide which is the best for you or your child.

Who Needs a Medical Helmet?

Many health conditions create seizures or muscles spasms that could further lead to a head injury. The most common medical conditions are cerebral palsy, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease and autism. Each of these conditions may lead to an unexpected fall, for example, a person with Atonic seizures, also known as drop attacks, can lead to a person suddenly falling to the floor as this type of seizure ceases all muscle tone.

Another reason for wearing a protective helmet may be to increase independence such as a young adult with epilepsy who has regular seizures. A helmet may help this person to live more freely as they can worry less about a fall resulting in a head injury. Another example would be an elderly person who wants to live independently but may require a guardian to continuously monitor them. This person can wear a helmet indoors or when running errands to reduce the chances of a serious fall giving back more freedom to the person.

Different Types Of Protection

Not all types of helmets offer adequate protection. Bicycle helmets are comfortable but they do not offer the best protection for injuries from seizure activity. Another problem is the lack of longevity as a bicycle helmet may crack after repeated hard falls.

Boxing helmets are made of soft leather, and although they are comfortable, they offer very little protection and do not allow adequate ventilation. Another example is a football helmet which offers good protection but is bulky and uncomfortable to wear. Additionally, a baseball helmet is loose-fitting and are made without a chinstrap which could lead to the helmet falling off at any time.

In conclusion, there are a lot of helmets out there that provide different types of protection, however, a medical helmet is designed to withstand regular impacts due to a medical condition.

Ribcap's Protective Helmets

Ribcap helmets are made specially to protect people with medical needs, including small children. They are vigorously tested according to the International Rugby Impact Standards and are trusted by several neuro associations making them a very dependable helmet for both adults and children. It's all thanks to our high-impact foam that has been engineered specifically to absorb and dissipate energy, so the helmet is both protective and durable.

To see our impact testing, click here.

How to choose a protective helmet infographic

Ribcap not only provides medical helmets. They fully understand their customers' needs which is why they create highly fashionable helmets, or we like to call them soft helmet hats. These non-stigmatizing hats offer 360 protection, are light AND breathable for complete comfort and style so that anyone can feel 100% confident wearing Ribcap.

Ribcap soft helmet lenny

Each Ribcap includes a chinstrap that can be adjusted so that it is snug but not uncomfortable. No matter what direction you or your child falls, the helmet will absorb the impact..

How Do I Get My Own Ribcap?

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Written by Nico De Wilde

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