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16 | Jul | 2020

Dr Maria Van Kerkhove Explains How We Can Protect Ourselves From Covid-19

Dr Maria Van Kerkhove recently spoke at a WHO conference regarding protection against coronavirus. She emphasises that the virus is still circulating and may be with us for some time. She continues expressing that we are all in this together and that we need to make good choices to be able to shield one another from the virus.

How Can You Protect Yourself & Others?

Stay At Home When Possible

Where possible, it is recommended that you stay at home. The less contact you have with the general public allows for the slowing of the virus, reducing the chances of a second wave.

Wear a Face Mask in Public

Wearing a mask is not only for yourself but also a sign of respect to those who may have a compromised immune system. Our essential workers cannot stay at home and come into contact with the public daily while the elderly need to feel safe while they shop for groceries. To keep everyone safe, we must wear a face covering to ensure essential workers can continue doing their jobs and our elderly are shielding from this fatal virus.

Practise Social Distancing

Where possible, it is recommended that you keep 2m apart and 1m where it is not possible. This not only protects yourself but also others around you.

Avoid Crowded Places

Where possible, choose to avoid areas with large crowds. Businesses are being suggested that they stagger working hours to reduce crowds on public transport, including the reduction of the proximity of staff entering and exiting the workplace. If possible, choose quiet periods to go shopping or order online to reduce crowded stores.

Avoid Poor Ventilated Areas

Avoid sitting in poorly ventilated areas. If you cannot physically distance yourself indoors, it is recommended that you wear a mask while indoors to help minimise the risk of transmission.

Wash Your Hands Regularly

Washing your hands before and after touching door handles, handling money and before eating can significantly reduce the rates of transmission.

Practise Respiratory Etiquette

When sneezing and coughing in public spaces, we can lean into our elbow or into a tissue to reduce the spread of respiratory droplets within the air. 

Written by Leanne Coop

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