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27 | May | 2020

Amy Hester Of HD Nursing Speaks Up About Ribcap For Fall Prevention

Amy Hester, with her endless list of credentials, has recently spoken about Ribcap's protective helmets and their benefits as an additional piece of equipment to reduce injury.

Amy's Comment

"Ribcap is an amazing technology that revolutionizes how we approach injury prevention from falls. In the past other devices, helmets, hats and caps have been designed without thought to how they make the wearer look. Ribcap has changed that by pairing innovative, evidence-based technology for injury prevention with attractive styles that encourage people to wear them without embarrassment or dread. As a clinician and scientist focused on falls and injury prevention, I fully support the use of Ribcap for anybody at risk for falling for any reason."

About Amy Hester

Amy completed her bachelor in Science of Nursing in 1994. After completing her Masters in Nursing, she further completed a Doctorate of Philosophy in Nursing Science in 2015. Not only is she well educated, but she also has several licences with the most honourable certification being her Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative Human Social/ Behavioral Research Certification.

Back in 2009, she led an investigation into a UAMS Fall Reduction Program and again in 2010, she published another research paper to investigate the UAMS Fall Risk Assessment Program.

With her experience and research on fall assessments, Amy has a commendable amount of knowledge regarding fall prevention.

We admire Amy's work and are thrilled to see she is a fan of Ribcap protective helmets. We believe wholeheartedly that protective helmets should be fashionable and non-stigmatising, and appreciate that she shares the same values as we do.

We'd like to thank her for the support she has shown to us and plan to continue to dedicate our work to helping those who need Ribcap's medical aids to protect themselves from injurious falls.

Written by Leanne Coop

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