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30 | Mar | 2021
Adventures with a variety of special needs

Adventures with a variety of special needs

Here at Ribcap we strive to create a beautiful independence. Your stories give us energy each day to do what we love best: creating our beautiful non-stigmatizing protective head gear. Every once and a while we put one of our users in the spotlight, telling their story and thanking them for being part of the Ribcap family.

Today we met 'Middly' and his mom on their Instagram page @brightcolourfulkids, which is described as "Our home education adventures with a variety of special needs."

"Middly started walking in January at the age of 4, but he’s got low tone and is still quite wobbly and unsteady on his feet. When you add his visual impairment into the mix and the fact that he spends four hours a day with his stronger eye patched, you end up with a lot of falls and a few nasty injuries. It’s also affecting his confidence and he’s reluctant to walk outside or somewhere he doesn’t know well. "

"We’ve been thinking about a helmet to protect his head for a while but struggled to find anything that was child friendly and wouldn’t make him stand out. Then I came across Ribcap. We love the design, the stiffened peak will give Middly’s face some added protection if he falls forward, and the cap is made of shock-absorbing foam so is light and soft on his head," tells Sarah, Middly's mom.

"Our foster daughter has an epilepsy syndrome and suffers from drop seizures so we’re going to get another one for her. We’re really impressed!"


To be honest: Middly does stand out, but in a good way. We're really excited to see the growing confidence in this great boy. The positivity & energy is very rewarding to see. Keep up the good work, Middly, let us know when we're invited for your home-made breakfast! 

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Written by Jurgen Holvoet

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