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25 | Nov | 2022
A non-stigmatizing helmet that makes a difference

A non-stigmatizing helmet that makes a difference

We recently had a talk with Bas Gulpers, who works as a healtcare consultant at Heckert & van Lierop. The company manufactures and supplies orthopedic devices: orthoses and prostheses. The Ribcap protective helmets are a logic addition to their custom orthopedic solutions. 

Bas reached out to us and shared how a Ribcap protective helmet made a difference for a young boy with Down syndrome: 

"An accident hides just around the corner. I regularly speak to people who are more likely to suffer a head injury because of an illness or disability. Sometimes they fall, for example, because of brain damage or injure themselves because of a mental disability. I spoke to a boy with Down syndrome recently. Unfortunately, he falls regularly, making a fall or protective helmet necessary." 

"Fortunately, we were able to offer him a safe solution: the medical cap helmet from Ribcap. Besides the fact that this red cap provides the necessary protection, it looks nice and slick, which is also very important for this young customer. The non-stigmatizing character of the Ribcap really make a difference!" 

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Written by Jurgen Holvoet

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